Thursday, February 14, 2013

Marine Corps PT

               Physical Training it makes the Marine fit and in shape. As a person waiting to go to boot camp I work out almost every day. Everything from lifting, swimming and running. I have seen vast improvements since I have begun last year. I lost over 50lbs and have increased from 1 pull-up to 12. Before I leave I wish to get to 20 pull-ups because for our fitness test that is a perfect score. We have 2 fitness tests an IST (Initial Strength Test) and a CFT (Combat Fitness Test). The IST consists of a max set of pull-ups, a max set of crunches in 2 minutes and a 1.5 mile run. Our Combat fitness test consist of a 30lbs ammo can shoulder press for a max set in 2 minutes, a 1/2 mile sprint, and a set obstacle course. I am coming close to reaching prefect for my IST scores but I know I have to stay with it till the day I leave.

                I belong to a Poole System where people awaiting to go to boot camp we all meet up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays and workout together. Our recruiters run it and tell us what to do and try to make it as real as possible on what we will be doing down at Parris Island. We also run knowledge where the test on our understanding of the rank structure and our general orders. I have been in the system for over a year now and there have been a lot of improvements not physically but mentally too. I am a lot tougher and I can handle stress a lot more. Its one thing to workout at your own will but when your will is not there and you still have to do it, it makes you stronger.

                 I also do my own workout, it consist of running, lifting swimming, and calisthenics. My workouts vary from easy to hard, 2 days a week are really hard and the workouts last a long time but then that followed by moderate workouts the rest of the week. I usually am at the gym with a few others with about the same physical abilities as me and the same motivation. If there is a key to staying with your workouts, it is write out a set plan and follow it. Don’t just go to the gym and not knowing what that day is for. Be organized


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